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As a child, I was always considered overweight; I grew up in an Indian family where eating was an enormous part of our culture and not eating was essentially doing ‘wrong’ to my body. I now find it interesting that eating foods which were bursting with oil and condiments and consisted mainly of potatoes and wheat was the norm, yet being ‘fat’ was definitely not accepted. I was bullied through my teens and after having everyone around me watch every morsel that entered my mouth, I developed an unhealthy relationship with food and most importantly, with my body. This, in turn, led me to stop caring as opposed to caring more and I used university as an opportunity to binge on everything that I otherwise could not and would not ordinarily eat, particularly without judgement. As the pounds piled on, I forgot who I was; I couldn’t wear my old clothes and I resorted to buying new clothes to hide the ‘lumps and bumps’ – I definitely didn’t feel pretty or attractive. Going out became a chore and I didn’t feel happy or comfortable in my own skin so I stayed at home and developed an emotional relationship with food; it made me feel happy in that moment. . .

My journey led me to lose 60 pounds and I found myself again. I found that support was essential and I did it the right way which means I didn’t just lose it – I maintained it! Feeling insecure, unconfident and ugly will always be an integral part of my journey, because it is only now that I appreciate how “Happy, Healthy and Fantastic I look and feel”

There’s so much out there on the net, so many diets, so many theories and we don’t have time to learn what’s right. After my journey, I made it my mission to teach, coach and support as many people as I can to lose weight healthily so they can look in the mirror and feel “healthier and happier”.


” The Body Plot Method comes from Science, Psychology and A Real Person 

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As long as you have a phone and an internet connection, I can help you!


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“We’re all so different to one another; we have different lifestyles, different jobs, different bodies and different goals – so why should we get fit and get healthy the same way? This is why our programme is different to every other programme out there; we look at you, your body, your likes, your dislikes and your goals to tailor make a plan that will not only help you look good, and feel good but will teach you how to look and feel good for the rest of your life!”


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